Record a Screencast When Submitting a Support Ticket

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Ever have a support issue that's really difficult to explain, and wish you could just show us? Now you can! When you submit or reply to a support ticket, you can now send us a video of your screen, or screencast. The screencast will record your screen and optionally your voice, so you can describe the issue at hand.

When you raise a new ticket, or make a reply to an existing one, you will find this link:

Simply click the 'Record a screencast' button, and authorise the Java program to run on your browser. It will then load up a screencast recording tool, you can change the size of the area you record (or make it full screen) and show us exactly what you are seeing on your end.

You will then need to fill out a small form giving us your details, and let us know that you've submitted the screencast in your ticket. We'll be sent this screencast in a few minutes which will help us work on your issue nice and quickly.

We hope that you find this useful!

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