DDoS Protection Service

Geographically Dispersed & 100% Reliable DDoS Filtering

Maximum Protection.
Zero False Positives.

Comprehensive Protection

Whether it’s a large volume UDP type flood, A TCP syn attack or a new not even yet seen sophisticated layer7 attack. We stop all DDoS attacks. No Exceptions.

Geographically Dispersed

Our DDoS nodes are geographically dispersed across the and globe use Anycast DNS. This decreases latency and removes single points of failure.

Intelligent Filtering

We never ban IP ranges based on their history or geographic location. Our technology only blocks malicious IP addresses, on a request by request instance and on a continuous basis. This means there are zero false positives.

Huge Capacity

Our global proxy arrays have an amazing amount of upstream Internet capacity as well as processing power. If you're facing a multi-gigabit attack and a massive burst of legitimate traffic, our system is always ready for it.

Multi-Layered & 100% Effective.

Our DDoS Filtration uses 3 layers of protection, distributed across multiple facilities worldwide.

How does it all work?

Kualo's DoS Guardian is a cloud based DDoS technology service that since its inception in 2007, has developed, implemented and real world tested a wide range of proprietary methods and techniques to stop DDoS attacks. We do not rely on purpose built DDoS mitigation devices to stop all attacks. Our experience has taught us that no single DDoS mitigation device can stop all varieties of DDoS attacks in existence today.

Our nodes are geographically dispersed in such a way as to offer our worldwide customer base DDoS protection as well as the ability to handle large bursts of legitimate traffic. It operates like a content delivery network except it can also stop any and all DDoS attacks. We cache as well as proxy for added performance.

Once a website is running on our service, the site is immediately protected 24/7 from any DDoS attack. The base configuration for every customer mitigates a wide number of incursions, including ICMP & UDP floods, Port scans, SYN attack, and Distributed Reflection DoS (DRDOS). We then build a custom configuration that is architected to the individual customer website design and layout, ensuring optimal performance while further protecting the site from the more sophisticated attack techniques such as HTTP/S GET, HTTP/S POST, HOIC/JSLOIC and Fragmented Packets.

For our monitoring strategy, our Security Operations Center (SOC) dynamically sets alerts on the number of requests to your site for a given unit of time that is deemed normal for your site. Should the requests exceed the determined thresholds, our team will analyze the traffic to determine the next course of action and apply any additional mitigation techniques. This is all performed without interruption to service and no intervention by the customer. We have also built our own custom monitoring system that will alert us to any performance or site unavailability. This custom monitor is completely independent from our mitigation nodes, operating from 8 different networks in 4 geographic regions, and is designed to measure load times for each customer website at each mitigation node, and alert our SOC if the load times fall beyond a defined threshold.