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In the history of the internet, 20 years is practically an eternity. The web was strictly 1.0, Google was in its infancy, and the mobile web a distant dream. There were approximately 361 million internet users - a figure that has surged today to over 5 billion.

Our mission is to empower your online presence with hosting that is fast, secure and which pulsates with a green heartbeat.

Our team deliver support that goes one step beyond, allowing you to grow in the digital world without harming the planet or the life that inhabits it.

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99.9% Uptime Guarantee
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
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We Are Kualo.

Kualo. It's a strange name, but that's by design. Over two decades ago, we embarked on a mission to redefine the hosting experience, to stand apart in a sea of countless providers. It all began with a name as distinctive as the vision we held.

Since we started our journey, we've become the trusted host for over 100,000 websites for customers in over 90 countries. Whether you're weaving your first digital canvas with our site builder or masterminding the next online phenomenon, our robust infrastructure, unwavering commitment, and deep expertise are here to turn your vision into a tale of triumph.

Our Values.

"Kualo" might not be found in any dictionary, but to us, it's a word rich with meaning.

It represents our knowledge in the industry and commitment to having the best, most informed team. It signifies rock-solid uptime, on which our customers stake their businesses. It's about accountability — to our clientele and to the larger society, through our unwavering environmental and social commitments. It means love; a genuine passion for what we do and a heartfelt desire for our customers' success. And it embodies originality, our pledge to always innovate, improve, and lead the way, unafraid of carving out new directions.

We're more than just passionate about websites; we're committed to making them environmentally friendly, too.

In an age where the Internet's carbon footprint is burgeoning, we ensure that hosting with us doesn't just empower your digital presence, but does so sustainably. Not only do our operations run entirely on renewable energy, but we also prioritise energy-efficient designs for our data centers and servers.

With our collaboration with Ecologi, every website hosted with us contributes to tree-planting endeavors and benefits from our investments in Gold Standard certified initiatives that offset carbon emissions.

So far we have offset over 100 tons of CO2 and planted more than 20,000 trees.

Together, we champion a shared commitment to a greener web.

Charities perform remarkable work, especially during these challenging times marked by global uncertainties. We recognise and applaud their dedication, which is why we launched our Charity Hosting Initiative. Our aim? To help as many charities as possible in establishing or maintaining their online presence by offering lifetime free web hosting.

From aiding charities in crafting their first website with our integrated site builder to accommodating those reliant on platforms like WordPress, our initiative has already bolstered countless charitable causes.

This endeavor isn't a mere gesture — our team is deeply invested, ensuring each charity benefits from unwavering support, mirroring the quality service our esteemed customers have come to expect.

Our People.

The heart of Kualo beats synchronously across the globe. Different time zones, cultures, and experiences, yet a shared, fervent desire to be the best bridges every gap. Our unity in purpose transcends geographical boundaries.

Defined by core values of creativity, resourcefulness, and autonomy, we hire individuals who relish the freedom to shape, refine, and continually evolve what we do.

By celebrating both individual talents and a shared vision, we've fostered an environment where innovative minds converge. Our people are the cornerstone of our success.

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As a climate positive workforce, we plant trees every month on behalf of each team member, as well as invest in Gold Standard certified carbon offset projects to cover their personal carbon emissions.

If you've got what it takes to help us on our mission to deliver rock-solid hosting, click here to learn more about working with us.

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