Free UK Charity Hosting.

We're committed to helping get as many UK charities online as possible with a free or heavily discounted web presence.

We're on a mission to get more charities online.

If you're a registered UK charity, we'd love to support your work by providing you with a free or heavily discounted web hosting plan. Kualo has been providing reliable web hosting for more than two decades, and we're well known for our exceptional support, security and uptime, all powered by 100% renewable energy. We're on a mission to ensure that charities can get online without spending a penny more than they have to.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
Fast 24/7 Support
Fast 24/7 Support
Hosting Powered by 100% Renewable Energy
100% Green Powered
Robust Hosting Security
Robust Hosting Security

Hosting that Doesn't Cost the Earth

Awesome hosting powered by renewable energy that's either free or half price to charities.

Hosting shouldn't cost the earth.

It's a little known fact that the Internet is a filthy, carbon emitting monster. Kualo is a climate positive business. Our servers run on renewable energy, we plant a tree for every order we receive, and every month we invest in projects that are certified to remove carbon emissions.

We also wish to do our bit to support the charity sector, and we do this by providing our services either at cost, or completely free of charge.

To date we've supported more than 1,000 charities.

What kind of hosting can my charity have?

We provide our entry-level Solo plan either free of charge or at a 50% discount. This plan is suitable for most small charities looking to host a single website. If you have more significant hosting requirements that mean the Solo plan won't be suitable, we can offer a discount of up to 50% on our whole range of hosting services.

Please see our FAQ below to understand which charities are eligible for free or discounted hosting.

What do you provide for free

You'll receive our Solo shared hosting plan, plus we also throw in free LiteSpeed Cache - more on that later.

The Solo plan is loaded with features, it supports a single website, multiple sub domains - perfect for charity fundraising landing pages or micro sites - up to 10 email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, 5 MySQL databases and is also fully compatible with many commonly used web applications such as WordPress and Joomla.

We also throw in our LiteSpeed cache, usually a paid extra. This is an advanced server-side caching tool which makes web sites extremely fast. If your site uses a CMS such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla amongst others, you will be able to easily leverage this caching solution and turbo-charge your web site speed. We can help you configure this for free. For sites built on other applications, it's usually also possible to use our cache - just contact us and we can advise!

If you're just starting out, we also provide a free web site builder which you can use to easily create your site or additional landing pages with a simple drag-and-drop editor. The plan can support around 100,000 page views per month, and so is suitable for the majority of small charity web sites.

If you're a more established charity with a higher number of visitors to your site, multiple websites, lots of email users or disk space - we also provide heavy discounts on our range of advanced hosting solutions, including our performance business hosting plans, managed virtual servers, managed dedicated servers and complex managed hosting, capable of supporting millions of visitors per month. We'd love to help your charity ensure your web site is fast, stable and ensure you get the best possible value.

Get started now!

If you represent an eligible charity, we'd love to host your web site. All that we ask in return is that:

  • You transfer your domain to Kualo, or register a new one if you are just starting out. The bottom line is that you'll need to pay someone for a domain name. If we support your domain extension, this may as well be us - doing so helps us cover some nominal raw costs we incur in providing this service for free. What's more, we're very affordable for domains and you may even pay less with us than you pay another registrar.
  • You help us to promote this initiative with a very small text link back to this page in your web site footer. In addition, we'd love any shout outs on social media or on your blog if you have one.

To apply, please press the button below and we'll be in touch.

Charity Solo

100% Free to Charities.
100% FREE Normally £6.99 Monthly

10GB SSD Disk Storage

10 Email Accounts

Free SSL Certificates

Free Site Builder

Free App Installer

Free LiteSpeed Cache

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We want to help even more charities. But we need your help.

Please share this page on Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels so that we can help even more charities get online, for free.

If you work with any charities, let them know and help them get started with a web site, or save money if they already have one.

We want to help as many charities as we possibly can to start a web presence or save money on their existing web site costs. There is no limit on how many we can help.

Powered by 100% Renewable Energy

Green through and through.

As ephemeral as it all seems, it's easy to forget the real-world mechanics that go into keeping the Internet running. The equipment and servers behind the scenes make the internet a filthy, carbon emitting monster. With Kualo, you can rest assured that your slice of the net will be 100% powered by renewable energy.

We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi

What's more, we are committed to being a climate positive workforce. We plant trees and invest in certified carbon offsetting projects to ensure we remove more carbon than we consume. We are also committed to "paying back" the carbon we have consumed since we were founded, so that we may truly become carbon negative.

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Migration Assistance

We can help you migrate your existing sites for you. No hassle, no wasted time and no headaches. If your host is letting you down, we'd love to welcome you.

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Simple to Use

With an easy, point and click control panel, one click application installer, drag-and-drop site builder and tons of self-help resources, we make it easy to start your own site. What's more, if you do get stuck - we're here 24/7.

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Charity Hosting FAQ

What are the eligibility requirements?

In order that we can make an offer of either free or discounted hosting:

We may also be able to accept requests from a limited number of charities outside of the UK, providing that we can verify that your charity is officially registered in your country, and that this database exists online.

Which charities can get completely free hosting?

The majority of registered charities who apply will receive an offer of completely free hosting.

This offer is made at our sole discretion, but is generally made to any small, secular, independent charity which we consider to have a reasonably broad purpose and geographical remit.

As much as we'd love to help every single charity free of charge, we simply don't have the resources to do so and as such we do have some limitations.

We are unable to provide free hosting to:

  • Universities, housing associations and student unions.
  • Schools, nurseries, play groups, parent teacher associations and booster clubs.
  • Scout/Guide groups, or any similar local group of a larger national or international movement.
  • Local offices or branches of larger charities.
  • Non-secular charities
  • Larger charities with an annual income exceeding £500,000 GBP or with any single employee who is remunerated in excess of £75,000 GBP per annum.
  • Funds or charities with net cash or investments greater than 3x their annual expenditure.

If we are unable to offer you completely free hosting, we will generally be able to provide you with our hosting services with a 50% discount.

Can I get just email hosting, or host a secondary website for my charity?

In order to avail of our completely free hosting offer you should be hosting the charity's primary website. If you don't wish to host the charity's primary website, but need to host a secondary website or application, or if you just need email hosting, provided you qualify in other respects we'll be able to host this for you on one of our shared hosting plans with a 50% discount.

How long will my hosting be free?

We'll provide you with our Solo plan for free, with no time limits on expiry, so long as your hosted domain names are registered with us and you continue to meet our other criteria. All we require in return is a small link back to this page in the foot of your web site to help us promote the initiative and help even more charities. We also require your permission to add your logo to this page and provide you with a link back to your web site, though we are under no obligation to do so.

What if I outgrow the Solo plan?

The Solo plan will be suitable for the vast majority of charity web sites up to around 50,000 visitors per month. If you need something more than the Solo plan, we can provide a discount of up to 50% on other hosting services. Get in touch and let us know about your web site, and we'll let you know what additional fees may apply.

Will I get 24x7 Support?

Absolutely. Our support is the cornerstone of our success, and we're fanatical about providing expert support 24x7. We provide the same service level to the charities we host for free as we do our paying customers.

I have an existing web site. Can you help me migrate?

You bet! We'll provide a free web site transfer service so your existing web site comes across without a hassle.

Do I need to transfer my charity's domains to Kualo?

Yes, registering or moving your domains to Kualo is a requirement of our free hosting. The bottom line is that you'll need to pay someone for a domain name. If we support your domain extension, this may as well be us - doing so helps us cover some nominal raw costs we incur in providing this service for free. What's more, we're very affordable for domains and you may even pay less with us than you pay another registrar. If you have existing domains and haven't ever switched registrar before - don't worry - we can help you get them moved across easily.

How long does it take to set up my account?

We set up charity hosting accounts manually as we need to carefully vet all applicants to make sure they are legitimate charities. Assuming you qualify, we should be able to get you set up within a few hours. If you have an existing web site, we should be able to migrate it across for you within 24 hours.

Can I help promote this initiative?

We'd love you to! Any blog posts, tweets or social media posts to this page will be hugely appreciated. We have no limit on the number of charities we can host and we'd like to help as many as possible. Please get in touch below if you have any specific ideas to help spread the word.

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