Site Builders: Threat or opportunity for design agencies?

Written by Jo Stonehouse

Earlier this year we integrated SiteBuilder into our reseller platform - our ProSite site builder rebranded for our reseller infrastructure. The large majority of our resellers are web design agencies, and so understandably some have been sceptical about whether they should promote a 'do it yourself' site building tool at all. After all, their business is designing web sites - why would they want to make it easy for a customer to do it themselves? Surely a site builder should be perceived as a threat and not an opportunity?

Introducing the New Kualo ProSite Website Builder

Written by Trifo
Building your website has never been easier with the release of our new ProSite Website Builder.

PHP 5.5 Now Available!

Written by Craig

We're pleased to announce that PHP 5.5 has now been rolled out for our shared and reseller hosting clients. This means that in addition to PHP 5.3 & 5.4, you can now use the latest and greatest release from the development team over at In the future older releases will be removed, so we advise all clients to test their applications with this latest release.

WordPress Autosave: the silent crocodile.

Written by Tabaré Patiño
wpAs a web host, our primary objective is to ensure that our servers, and consequently your websites, run optimally. Applications place an ever increasing demand on a servers resources as the software develops, and sometimes the 'default' settings of these applications need to be tweaked to ensure that they run happily on a shared web hosting environment. To ensure that we provide a stable service, our systems will detect when a web site hosted on our platform starts to use a disproportionate amount of a server's resources. Recently one of of the main issues we have seen is with WordPress, one of the most commonly installed applications on our servers, and the very same software that's running this blog.

The 5 Basics of SEO

Written by Tabitha Burns
SEO on springsSEO - Search Engine Optimisation - is about making sure your web site is doing everything possible to rank well on search engines. The higher your site ranks, the more traffic you will get. SEO has become as much a part of online marketing strategy as advertising or social media, but it can be daunting to small businesses who can't afford to employ SEO experts. To understand how SEO works, you must first understand how search engines rank pages.