How to start your own blog using WordPress

Written by Jo Stonehouse
For years, we've had customers asking us if we have a blog. We didn't, but not through lack of desire! I'd wanted Kualo to have a blog for a long time - it's a great way to connect with customers and a fantastic way to add good content to your web site to improve your search engine ranking. So several months ago we made a half-hearted attempt to set one up and customise it to suit our branding - but we approached it in the wrong way, the branding process became too complex, and inevitably the blog never even got off the ground. But here we are today, blogging away with our second attempt. No longer do we have to tell customers that a blog is 'in the works'.

So, how did we do it?

How to test a website whilst it is in development

Written by Jo Stonehouse
If you're developing a replacement website either for yourself or a client, you may find it difficult to access the development version when you domain is not pointed at that hosting plan yet. Some hosts, us included, will give you a temporary URL you can access your account on - but what if you have the domain name set up in your application such as WordPress? Or what if you have lots of URL rewrites for search engine optimisation? The temporary URL isn't much use then. Fortunately, there is a solution...